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Schooling a Horse Part 1, Lungeing and Breaking-in (DVD)

Schooling a Horse Part 1, Lungeing and Breaking-in (DVD)

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Author: Rudolf Zeilinger

"To avoid any restriction on a horse's natural harmony and grace, but rather to encourage its suppleness and sheer pleasure in its own movements" is the ultimate aim of Rudolf Zeilinger, one of the most talented pupils of the late Willi Schultheis, and himself a trainer of Olympic and World Championship horses. Rudolf Zeilinger is well-known for the gentle and sensitive way he trains dressage horses, encouraging them to develop a relaxed, confident, and athletic way of going, combined with a happy, forward-thinking attitude in their work.

Part 1 of Zeilinger's Schooling a Horse series covers the first seven weeks of the training of two four-year-old horses. Their work focuses on the first three elements of the Training Scale — rhythm, suppleness, and contact — demonstrating how quickly and confidently horses can adapt to being ridden without losing their natural movement and presence.

 Format: DVD, run time 55 mins

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