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Running Out  (The Impelled Series #4)
Running Out (The Impelled Series #4)

Running Out (The Impelled Series #4)

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Author: Sarah Welk Baynum 

Paperback: 204 pages
Size: 6 x 9 inches

Three Years.

Lily Monroe’s best friend Emma Walker got married to her soulmate three years ago. That should have been enough time to forget what kissing Sam Gray that night felt like, or for the tension between them to subside. But apparently, that’s not the case.

Lily isn’t sure what’s worse, though. The way Sam acted after they kissed, or the fact that no one she’s dated since has compared to the connection she felt with Sam that night.

The pact she recently made in front of her best friends not to date until after graduation so she could focus on her final year of veterinary school is definitely going to keep her from making the mistake of ending up in yet another causal relationship going nowhere.

And it would have, too. That is, until the day she found a skinny, lame, thoroughbred mare named Eva who’s only hope of a second chance at life is in her hands.

Now, it seems Sam and her buried feelings for him are unavoidable as she spends more time at the barn he works at rehabilitating Eva and as she hunts down the people responsible for dumping the mare in the first place. Feelings she knows she shouldn’t have for Sam, no matter how magnetic her connection is to him.

Because Sam has some deep, dark secrets in his past that even his closest friends don’t know about. Secrets that seem to be the reason he can never be with her, or anyone else it seems, despite feelings he may or may not have for her too.
Secrets that, when revealed, will prove to be more dangerous and complex than Lily could have ever imagined.

Can love really conquer all with stakes this high?

A Clean Equestrian Romantic Suspense Series with no sexual content or foul language. Suitable for young adults and adults. This book series is intended to be read sequentially.

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