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Ride a White Horse: An Epic 9,000 Mile Ride Through Europe

Ride a White Horse: An Epic 9,000 Mile Ride Through Europe

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Author: William Holt,

Binding: Paperback  

  191 pages
 Equestrian stories are full of adventures, adversities, dangers and drama. Yet the curious story of William Holt and his cart horse, Trigger, is one of the most inspiring equestrian travel tales ever told. After rescuing the gelding from slaughter, and then nursing him back to health, the 67-year-old Holt and his horse set out in 1964 on an incredible 9,000 mile, non-stop journey through western Europe. Holt never ranked himself above his mount. The resultant trip saw them sleeping out in the rough without a tent for more than 400 nights. Together they faced great hardships, suffering through storms, floods and whirlwinds. At one point in their travels the ageing gypsies were even marooned on a ledge and nearly drowned by the raging sea. Because of these shared dangers, Holt and Trigger maintained a legendary bond that touched people s hearts. An Italian princess had jewels set in one of Trigger s old shoes. When they rode into London the likeable duo were guests of the Queen of England. Amply illustrated with photographs and drawings by the author, Ride a White Horse remains the classic equestrian tale of a man and his beloved horse who embarked together on an extraordinary adventure

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