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Mares & Foals of Lancaster County
Mares & Foals of Lancaster County

Mares & Foals of Lancaster County

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Author: Beth Oberholtzer,   Photographer: John Herr

Softcover: 5.25" x 5.25"
Illustrations: 18 color photos
Pages: 32

• Charming photos of mares and foals in that will appeal to all horse lovers
• Descriptive information about different kinds of horses in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
• Key words translated into Pennsylvania Dutch

About the book
When spring comes to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, thousands of newly born foals can be found in green meadows frolicking at their mother’s sides. "Mares & Foals" captures the antics of these spirited youngsters before they grow tall and strong to pull buggies, wagons, and plows. The photos and brief stories introduce children to the variety of breeds that support the traditional agrarian lives of the Older Order Amish and Mennonites. It’s clear that owners take great pride in their horses and appreciate their beauty; some of the young ones will be trained to carry riders or parade in the show ring. In addition, readers will learn a little bit of Pennsylvania Dutch. Each page translates several key words into the centuries-old dialect. Readers young and old will enjoy meeting Oscar, Ozzie, Lulu and a dozen other adorable foals as they learn about the horses that inhabit Pennsylvania’s charming countryside.

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