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Legendary Hearts of Horses
Legendary Hearts of Horses

Legendary Hearts of Horses

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Author: Adrienne Neary

Hardcover 160 pages
Size: 5.5" x 8.7" 

Legendary Hearts of Horses follows the equine large heart trail instigated by the famous American Thoroughbred, Secretariat. The revelation of his super heart during his autopsy set the horse industry afire. Neary delves into the equine pedigree history that other researchers identified as being the fountain spring of this marvelous trait, but then diverges from that path. She boldly jumps into the vast pool of equine history and evolution in an attempt to uncover more evidence.

Neary connects the large heart trait to 'Old World' horses, even suggesting that horses in the wild had been very creative and proactive about their own survival. This is a well written book that elucidates not only the physical heart of horses, but the inspirational and intangible qualities that horses so gracefully display. Rich quotes enhance the description of Central Asian horses, Spanish Mustangs, the Godolphin Horse, the Byerley Turk, and Alexander the Great's famous horse, Bucephalus.

Genetics, remarkable performances, choice, sacrifice, Joy and suffering leads readers to the realization that the physical and spiritual forces combining to make the equine 'heart' so inspirational, are ever present within all of us.

Insightful, well-researched, informative and at times deeply moving, this book contains a message that appeals to horse and non-horse people alike.

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