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Developing the Art of Equine Communication

Developing the Art of Equine Communication

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Author: C. L. "Lee" Anderson 

Paperback,, 6 x 9 inches, 160 pages

Developing the Art of Equine Communication will be of benefit to all equine owners, novice and seasoned riders alike.  Anderson has spent a lifetime studying, researching, practicing, and proving what he has written. The fact that civilization no longer depends on living horsepower to move goods and people, farm the land, or win wars has caused centuries of hard-earned and mostly undocumented knowledge about horse communication to quietly disappear. In Developing the Art of Equine Communication, Anderson re-introduces some of that incredibly valuable, lost knowledge and discloses many of the "secrets" of the famed "horse whisperers." Those who read this book will experience more than one "ah-ha" moment. Anderson's explanations and analogies unveil many overlooked and forgotten practices that can help explain and help solve many equine issues that so often baffle horse owners. If a rider seriously wants to develop his equine communication skills and obtain the most out of his horse, this book should be read...many times.

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