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Darken: The Scaredy-Cat Champion
Darken: The Scaredy-Cat Champion

Darken: The Scaredy-Cat Champion

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Author: Jan Sharp  

Paperback - 6"x 9" -? 154 pages

Book One of the Darken saga. Darken is a quirky little horse who is exceptionally timid, flighty, quick as a cat, and apparently smarter than anyone ever imagined. His owner, Jan Sharp, has many years of training experience under her belt and fully expects Darken to be her crowning achievement; instead he sees horse-eating monsters behind every bush, flunks out of trick horse school, suffers medical emergencies, and does his best to frustrate her at every turn. Then one day, everything changes when Darken walks out of his stall and proves just how smart he really is. As he works to overcome his many challenges, Jan is rewarded by watching him blossom. Along the way, she learns that it’s the little steps and victories in life that are to be savored and enjoyed, instead of hurried past in an attempt to reach greater goals. Ride along on the five-year journey Darken takes to find his own path in life, and the amazing way he uses his talents to help others. Climb aboard, hold on tight, and enjoy the ride.

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