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Bohemia Junction
Bohemia Junction

Bohemia Junction

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Author: Aime Tschiffely

Binding: Paperback 

 322 pages

One reviewer described Bohemia Junction as Forty years of adventurous living condensed into one book. It is all that and more! Aime Tschiffely was the most famous equestrian traveler of the twentieth century because of his legendary 10,000 mile ride from Argentina to Washington DC in 1925. Readers won t be surprised then to discover that exotic people, faraway places and equestrian adventure make up the background to the explorer s autobiography. Bohemia Junction is packed with the amazing assortment of humanity that Tschiffely met during his lifetime of travel, including cowboys, prize-fighters, writers, Indians, and the eccentric riff-raff of three continents. From Cape Horn to New York, Tschiffely journeyed wherever his vagabond fancy took him. And each region explored had its quota of bohemians in the old sense of the word men and women for whom love of adventure was a reality. Bohemia Junction delivers more than just an account of the famous equestrian traveler s life. It gives the reader an exuberant drama, peopled by the reckless rough-necks of a now bygone age.

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