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Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace (Gospel Horse Series Volume 1)
Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace (Gospel Horse Series Volume 1)

Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace (Gospel Horse Series Volume 1)

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 Lessons in Leadership, Relationship, and the Power of Faith Inspired by the Love of God and Horses

Author: Lynn Baber

A banquet of all things HORSE and how these powerful and spiritual creatures can bring you closer to God.   Horses are magical, athletic, spiritual, and sometimes frustrating. The love of horses is often a life-long passion. Horses deservedly hold a unique place in relationship with men and women, boys and girls. Share the author's experience as a World and National Champion trainer and breeder with glimpses into the show pen, training arena, and birthing barn. True stories mix with allegory and inspiration to help readers indulge in the rich emotional banquet that is "horse" and discover precisely what it is about them that captures the heart. Like all other animals, horses never fell from grace. They continue to live in close connection to their Creator. Give a horse the opportunity and it will share its lessons, heart, power, and spirit with you. Horses teach us about simplicity, authenticity, and commitment. After years specializing in working with stallions, Lynn Baber learned that the only way to get a 1500-pound hairy mass of testosterone to offer his obedience and loyalty is to earn it. The secret is simplicity and never breaking a promise.

  • Horses love those who love them. Learn how horses think and process information.
  • Learn the difference between can't and won't and how to fix the problem. (Also works with teen-agers.)
  • Grab a tissue when you share a foal's first breath and the last breath of a champion ready to say good-bye.

Who are the Amazing Grays? Two gray quarter horses, Bo and Swizzle, offered the author the gift of commitment that would change her life. Relationship with horses helps people better understand relationship with God the Father. Sometimes it works in the opposite way, when a horse professional discovers that every truth learned over a lifetime with horses is found in the Gospels. From the spiritual to the practical, "Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace" is a journey of love. It will lead readers to a destination that delivers a depth of understanding for the way horses think, live, and love to the even greater knowledge of God's grace in their lives.

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