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After the Storm - Timber Ridge Riders Book 8

After the Storm - Timber Ridge Riders Book 8

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Author: Maggie Dana
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and the Timber Ridge girls are excited about getting dates and new outfits for the school dance. But a blizzard plunges them into reality when the barn’s power goes out. If Kate and Holly don’t act fast, a pony may die.
But Angela Dean doesn’t care.
She spreads false rumors that Kate can’t be trusted around horses and trashes Kate’s reputation the way she did a year ago.
Kate shrugs if off.
Angela has done this many times before, and Kate has survived. But Holly warns her that this time lot more is at stake. If Angela succeeds in her latest vendetta, Kate might lose all she’s worked hard to attain—her place on the team and the respect of her two closest friends.

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