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Averill Park, NY

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Shop History
Taborton Equine Books began in 1989 as a small selection of driving books within our Draft Horse Harness Shop.  The popularity of this little department grew at a rapid pace.  In 1999 we decided to phase out the Harness shop & expand our book selections to include offerings in all equine disciplines.  The  years since that decision have been quite an adventure.  Taborton Equine books is run from the little farm we share with our  Clydesdales in upstate New York.  We do not have a retail shop there but we do take the shop to numerous Regional & National Horse events every year.  The wonderful people we have come to know due to the decision to "just sell books" is a source of constant delight & wonderment. Looking back at the shops origins, it has run a bit of an odd path but, because of our customers' love of  the "written horse", Taborton Equine Books will happily roll along  for many more years.
Best wishes & See You at the Next Event!
Jean McWilliams